Private Tuition

You can book private lessons with me to help you develop your art skills. My approach is suitable for all levels, from complete beginners to experienced artists. I am able to help you improve in both drawing and painting across a range of traditional subjects; portrait, figure, still life and landscape.

I teach out of my studio in Sheffield, online via Skype / Google Hangouts or I can travel within a 10 mile radius of Sheffield centre.
£30.00 per hour for lessons at my studio and online.
Plus an additional £5.00 for travel within 5 miles of Sheffield city centre.

Email me at to find out more.

I have been practising as a professional visual artist for the past 8 years. My work has been exhibited in the US, UK and Australia. I have been the recipient of a number of awards, scholarships, residencies and I recently featured on Sky's Landscape Artist of the Year and Sky's Portrait Artist of the Year (you can view my complete CV here). I have extensive experience teaching workshops in traditional painting and drawing methods, tutoring privately and running online art courses.

I will be able to help anyone seeking a stronger grounding in traditional drawing and painting techniques than is typically provided by the art faculties of contemporary schools and universities. I am happy to teach people of all levels, from beginners who haven`t picked up a paint brush in their life to experienced artists who would like to incorporate new methods into their work. While there are specific exercises and approaches which I believe all burgeoning artists should practice I am welcome to altering my approach to suit those seeking to incorporate traditional approaches into their work rather than learn a new system of drawing and painting from scratch.

If you think that I`d be able to help you develop as an artist please feel free to get in touch at and we can figure out what sort of approach will work best for you.

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