The River Bed

The following poem was written by Natasha Tabani to accompany the painting.

‘The River Bed’ by Natasha Tabani

An ancient god
Once proud
Has sunk
To the depths
Of the river bed.

His names we do not know.

Our world moves on
But his days are done
Both lost, and forgotten.

For those below
Time flows still
Though now they fill
It with inward glances.

They have no interest in the universal, for
This is the age of tangible preoccupations.

The river runs
And all the old idols
Have crumbled away
You can find them
In fragments, still
Here, somewhere,
If you sift the silt.

His head dipped in dreamy film
With faith, the old god waits

For some sentimental archaeologist
Following the stream of whispers,
Listening to the river’s murmur,
To disinter a buried head

Perhaps he will brush away
the decay, perhaps he will
breathe life into old bones again.

Perhaps, one day, he will come.

Oil on Linen

30cm x 42cm

Private Collection
© Kieran Ingram 2018