The Mundane Egg

The mundane egg is a spiritual trope which appears in many ancient Indo-European cultures. It refers specifically to a common creation myth whereby the variety of the universe and life itself burst forth from a single point of origin, metaphorically conceptualized as an egg. In the painting, a floating hen’s egg hovers above an antique nest, which was originally taken from a deconstructed Victorian taxidermy box. There is a layer of linguistic irony to the title of the painting. The word ‘mundane’ simultaneously references the banality of something so common as a chicken egg and also the complex nature of life, the world and the universe itself. I drew additional parallels between this and more modern, scientific and secular ideas about creation, such as the Big Bang Theory. Overall, the piece serves as a figurative interpretation of cyclical rebirth, revival and renewal.

Oil on Linen
50cm x 76cm
Private Collection
© Kieran Ingram 2018