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Hollow Wings

The following poem was written by Natasha Tabani to accompany the painting.

‘Hollow Wings’ by Natasha Tabani

Whose coat is that hanging on the wall?
The once fine cloth now threadbare
All warmth fallen from the folds
An empty shell, shrugged off long ago.

Shadows creep in the spaces
Under shoulder, cuff and collar
Are those seeds, or moths?
And the buttons are
they blinking?

Whose hands once filled those pockets,
And what did they fill them with?
Pens, paper, useful things
Or oddments, nonsense, bits of fluff?

A pair of tattered hollow wings
Discarded, lost or now outgrown
The past clings to inanimate things
Though what they knew we’ll never know.

Oil on Linen
40cm x 122cm
Email for purchase enquires.
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© Kieran Ingram 2018