Choke (Magnolia)

The following poem was written by Natasha Tabani to accompany the painting.

'The Magnolia Grove' by Natasha Tabani

In the gardens at Kew
Sits a grove of magnolia,
We were there once.

My favourite flower,
Each ancient claw beckoned
In split-coloured splendour

Like a bee I buzzed
From tree to tree
Drinking in scent.

The delicate petals
Fell under touch
Dried as they floated
Exposed flower throats.

The floor was littered
With these rusty flakes
That crumbled under foot
We scooped them in handfuls.

These curling flowers,
The bare twisting trunks,
The whispering grass
And its blushing dust -
It was all too much.

Breath caught,
Stuck in my throat;
I started to choke.

The world was shrinking:
I saw leaves swirl, petals float,
All shapes blur to smoke.
And I perceived
Your face in soft focus
The grasp of your hands,
Nothing else.

Oil on Linen
40cm x 55cm
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© Kieran Ingram 2018